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Biodegradable Electronics

We are interested in design, construction and characterization of flexible biodegradable materials. Flexible biodegradable materials can be used to make smart devices that disintegrate at a specific rate, under specific conditions. Smart devices utilizing this technology can be the platform for implantable electronics, drug-delivery systems, and biological sensors. There are numerous applications in medicine and biomedical device, one of them main advantages is that the need for surgical removal is eliminated. This research project aims to bridge between materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering.  

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Design of biodegradable materials with desired mechanical properties (flexibility)
  • Integration of degradable/biocompatible electronic on the biodegradable material
  • Incorporation of samples drugs in the composite and investigate drug-release properties
  • Investigate means for controlling disintegration rate

Program Mentor: Reza Montazami, assistant professor Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University

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