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Spring 2013 - Mesoporous Nanomaterials

"Students will work on a project aimed to capture greenhouse gases with nanomaterials. Multifunctionalized porous nanoparticles will be prepared for the capture and temporary storage of CO2. The students will be trained for working on the synthesis and characterization of mesoporous materials. They will use a series of analytical methods including powder x-ray diffraction, BET sorption isotherms, electron microscopy and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy.

The students will work on optimizing conditions for CO2 capture by the materials, they will study loading capacities and kinetics. To do so they will use thermal programmed desorption/chemisorption instrumentation, as well as a recently acquired automated parallel synthesis equipment, with real time infrared, thermal and redox monitoring capabilities. Prior experience with any of the mentioned techniques is desirable, but not required, as training will be provided as needed."

Program mentor: Igor Slowing, staff scientist, Ames Laboratory

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