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Spring 2013 - Alloy Design and Optimization

Thermochemical property measurements and calculation program development for alloy design.

Energetic calculation is one of the most important tools used in alloy design and optimization. The computations based on energetics for both equilibrium and non-equilibrium phase transformations will be used to develop new alloys and processing. Students will use thermodynamic theory to describe the properties of alloys.

The internship will be divided into two parts:

  1. Experimental measurements: to determine enthalpy of mixing for liquid, enthalpy of formation for compound using solution calorimeter; enthalpy and heat capacity of undercooled liquid alloy using Electromagnetic Levitation Drop Adiabatic Calorimeter.
  2. Calculation program development using C++.

Program mentor: Shihuai Zhou, assistant scientist III, Ames Laboratory


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