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Improvement of magnet performance for clean energy applications

High performance magnetic materials are crucial for today’s high-tech devices and clean energy supply. They play remarkable roles in the ability to scale down device sizes without compromising on performance. As a result, there are global technological and energy security needs to improve the strength of existing permanent magnet materials or develop new ones with enhanced properties.

Students will gain hands-on research experience on permanent magnet materials. They will be exposed to our state of the art research equipment for rapid testing of magnetic properties. The proposed project focuses on the study of elemental diffusion into a permanent magnet as a means of tailoring grain boundary properties with the goal of obtaining improved properties.

As part of the Critical Materials Institute, students will have the opportunity to observe a multi-institutional research project designed to strategically support the competitiveness of the United States in clean energy technologies.

Research area:  Materials Sciences
Mentor: Ikenna Nlebedim, Assistant Scientist III, Ames Laboratory