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Modeling Organic Semiconductor Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs)

The goal of the SULI project will be to model organic semiconductor light emitting devices (OLEDs) that are being fabricated within the Photonic Systems FWP. We will develop a novel Monte-Carlo approach to model the transport of holes and electrons in these devices, together with their recombination, that results in the emission of light. Experimentally determined mobilities of electrons and holes and electronic energy levels will be utilized. The Monte-Carlo approach will be utilized to understand recent observations of light emission at ultra-violet and blue wavelengths from blends of two emitting species in OLEDS. We will understand why recombination is preferred in certain emitters depending on the geometry of the OLED.

The project will be closely tied to the Photonics FWP and measurements performed within Dr. J. Shinar’s group. The student should have a rudimentary knowledge, or be able to learn quickly, the basics of Unix and scientific programming.

Program mentor: Rana Biswas, Ames Laboratory scientist