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Capturing 3D Footwear and Impression Marks

Capturing 3D Footwear and Impression Marks near scene of a crime could play an essential role for biometrics survey or crime investigation. Existing laser scanning methods are good at capturing long-range and large areas (e.g. full room, or whole crime scene); and microscopy technology may serve the purpose of capturing micro-scale structures with a few millimeters range. However, there is a lack of affordable technologies that can capture crime scenes in the middle-range (few millimeters to a meter) that could achieve at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) in 3D. This research will focus on investigating the potential of capturing forensic footwear and impression marks utilizing the most advanced 3D structured light imaging technology based on the binary defocusing method invented at Iowa State and Ames Lab.

Mentor: Song Zhang, William and Virginia Binger Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University