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Journal articles published by Ames Laboratory interns

2018 (2 papers)

Kirk Rudolph (2017 SULI (Spr.)), Arjun K. Pathak, Yaroslave Mudryk, Vitalij K. Pecharsky, “Magnetostructural phase transitions and magnetocaloric effect in (Gd5-xScx)Si1.8Ges.2,” Acta Materialia, Volume 145, 15 February 2018, Pages 369-376.

Tommy Waltmann (2017 Spr., 2018 Summer SULI), Curt Waltmann (2016 SULI), Nathan Horst (2013 SULI), and Alex Travesset, “Many Body Effects and Icosahedral Order in Superlattice Self-Assembly,” J. Am. Chem. Soc., DOI: 10.1021/jacs.8b03895, June 15, 2018.  Note:  Both Curt and Tommy Waltmann were in SULI twice.  Took 5 years for Nathan Horst’s SULI work to be published!

2017 (3 papers)

Qisheng Lin, Kaiser Aguirre, Scott M. Saunders, Timothy A. Hackett (2016 SULI (Spr. and Fall)), Yong Liu, Valentin Taufour, Durga Paudyal, Sergey Budko, Paul C. Canfield, and Gordon J. Miller, “Polar Intermetallics Pr5Co2Ge3 and Pr7Co2Ge4 with Planar Hydrocarbon-Like Metall  Clusters,” Chemistry-A European Journal, 10.1002/chem.201702798

Curt Waltmann (2016 SULI), Nathan Horst (SULI), and Alex Travesset, “Capping Ligand Vortices and ‘Atomic Orbitals’ in Nanocrystal Self-Asssembly,” ACS NANO, DOI:  10.1021/acsnano.7b05694, Oct. 27, 2017.  Note:  Curt was in SULI twice.

Timothy A Hackett (2016 SULI (Spr. and Fall)), D.J. Baldwin, D. Paudyal, “Electronic, magnetic, and magnetocrystalline anisotropy properties of light lanthanides,” Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 441, 17 November 2017, pg. 76-84

2016 (6 papers)

Reihaneh Jamshidi, Yuanfen Chen, Kathryn White (2015, 2016 SULI), Nicole Moehring, and Reza Montazami, “Mechanics of Interfacial Bonding in Dissimilar Soft Transient Materials and Electronics,” MRS Advances, DOI: 10.1557/adv. 08 June 2016 432

Niloofar Hashemi, Joshua M. Lackore, Farrokh Sharifi, Payton J. Goodrich (2013, 2015 SULI), Megan L. Wenchell, & Nastaran Hashemi, “A paper-based microbial fuel cell operating under continuous flow condition,” Technology, Volume 4, Number 2, p. 98-103, June 2016. 

Maria Emilia Dueñas, Laura Carlucci (2015 SULI), Young Jin Lee, “Matrix Recrystallization for MALDI-MS Imaging of Maize Lipids at High-Spatial Resolution,” J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. (2016) 27:1575Y1578, DOI: 10.1007/s13361-016-1422-0, Published Online: 27 June 2016

Yuanfen Chen, Reihaneh Jamshidi, Kathryn White (2015, 2016 SULI), Simge Cinar, Emma Gallegos, Nastaran Hashemi, Reza Montazami, “Physical–chemical hybrid transiency: A fully transient li-ion battery based on insoluble active materials,” Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polym. Phys. 2016, 54, 2021 22 June 2016.

Caleb M. Carlin. (2008 SULI); Mark S. Gordon, “Ab Initio Investigation of Cation Proton Affinity and Proton Transfer Energy for Energetic Ionic Liquids,” J. Phys. Chem. A 2016, 120, 6059-6063. (Published July 11, 2016).

2015 (9 papers) – 2 papers had total of 4 authors

Carlin, C. (2008 SULI); Gordon, M. S. “Ab Initio Calculation of Anion Proton Affinity and Ionization Potential for Energetic Ionic Liquids,”  J. Comput. Chem. 2015, 36, 597-600.  (Published Jan. 23, 2015).

Anup D. Sharma, Pavel A. Brodskiy (2010, 2011 SULI), Emma M. Petersen (2013 SULI), Melih Dagdeviren, Eun-Ah Ye, Surya K. Mallapragada, Donald Sakaguchi, “High throughput Characterization of Adul;t Stem Cells engineered for Delivery of Therapeutic Factors for Neuroprotective Strategies,” Journal of Visualized Experiments and Moleculary Devices, LLC, January 2015, 95, e52242, 1-9.

Ludovico G. Tulli, Wenjie Wang, William R. Lindemann (2010 SULI), Ivan Kuzmenko, Wolfgang Meier, David Vaknin, and Patrick Shahgaldian, "Interfacial Binding of Divalent Cations to Calixarene-Based Langmuir Monolayers," Langmuir, Article ASAP DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b00262, Publication Date (Web): February 20, 2015

Nicole L. Lampland, Jing Zhu, Megan Hovey (2011, 2012 SULI), Barun Jana, Arkady Ellern, and Aaron D. Sadow, “Piano-Stool Lutetium Amindo and Imido Compounds Supported by a Constrained Bis(oxazoline) cyclopentadienyl Ligand,” Inorganic Chemistry, DOI:  10.102/acs.inorgchem.5b00927, April 24, 2015.

Payton J Goodrich (2013, 2015 SULI), Farrokh Sharifi, Nastaran Hashemi, “Rapid prototyping of microchannels with surface patterns for fabrication of polymer fibers,” RSC Advances, Vol. 5, 87, 2015, 71203-71209.  First published  14th August 2015.

Yuchen Pei, Raghu V. Maligal-Ganesh, Chaoxian Xiao, Tian-Wei Goh, Kyle Brahier, Jeffrey Gustafson ( 2015 SULI) and Wenyu Huang, An inorganic capping strategy for the seeded growth of versatile bimetallic nanostructures,” Nanoscale, 2015 7, 16721-16728.  DOI: 10.1039/C5NR04614A.  First published online 11 Sep 2015.

Yuchen Pei, Chaoxian Xiao, Tian-Wei Goh, Qianhui Zhang, Shannon Goes (2014, 2015 SULI), Weijun Sun, Wenyu Huang, “Tuning surface properties of amino-functionalized silica for metal nanoparticle loading:  The vital role of an annealing process,” Surface Science, doi: 10.1016/j.susc.2015.10.019.  Available online 20 October 2015. 

Catherine Meis (2013 SULI), Reza Montazami and Nastaran Hashemi, Ionic electroactive polymer actuators as active microfluidic mixers,” DOI: 10.1039/C5AY01061F (Paper) Anal. Methods, 2015, 7, 10217-10223. (Published Nov. 6, 2015) 

Chaoxian Xiao, Tian-Wei Goh, Zhiyuan Qi, Shannon Goes (2014, 2015 SULI), Kyle Brashler, Christopher Perez (2013 SULI), and Wenyu Huang, “Conversion of Levulinic Acid to y-Valerolactone over Few-Layer Graphene-Supported Ruthenium Catalysts, ACS Catal., 2016, 6(2), pp 593-599. DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.5b02673.  Publication date:  December 09, 2015.


Catherine Meis (2013 Fall SULI), Nastaran Hashemi, and Reza Montazami, “Investigation of spray-coated silver-microparticle electrodes for ionic electroactive polymer actuators, Journal of Applied Physics, 115, 134302 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4870181

Rui Han, JiWon Ha, Chaoxian Xiao, Yuchen Pei, Zhiyuan Qi, Bin Dong, Nicholas L. Bormann (2012, 2013 SULI), Wenyu Huang,* and Ning Fang, “Geometry-Assisted Three-Dimensional Superlocalization Imaging of Single-Molecule Catalysis on Modular Multilayer Nanocatalysts**”,  Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014, 53, 1-6. 

William R. Lindemann (2013, 2014 SULI), Wenjie Wang, Fadzai Fungura, Joseph Shinar, Ruth Shinar and David Vaknin, “The effect of cesium carbonate on 1-(3-methoxycarbonyl)propyl-1-phenyl[6,6]C61 Aggregation in films,” Applied Physics Letters, 105, 191605 (2014);


William R. Lindemann (2010), Ten Xiao, Wenjie Wanga, Jonna E. Berry (2010),  Nathaniel Anderson (?), Robert Houk, Ruth Shinar, Joesph Shinar, “An X-ray fluorescence study on the segregation of Cs and I in an inverted organic solar cell,” Journal of Organic Electronics, Volume 14, Issue 12, December 2013, 3190-3194.

Nathaniel Anderson (2012 SULI) – see paper above

Jonna Berry (2010 SULI) – see paper above

Hsiang-Ting Lei, Jani Reddy Bolla, Nicholas R. Bishop (2010 SULI), Chih-Chia Su, and Edward W. Yu, “Crystal Structures of CusC Review Conformational Changes Accompanying folding and transmembrane Channel Formation,” Journal of Moldecular Biology, 4 October 2013.

E. M. Levin, R. Hanus, M. Hanson, W. E. Straszheim, and K. Schmidt Rohr, Thermoelectric properties of Ag2Sb2Ge46_xDyxTe50 alloys with high power factor, Phys. Status Solidi A 210, No. 12, 2628–2637 (2013) / DOI 10.1002/pssa.201330217

Zhenhua BaiHui Lin,  Jesse JohnsonSa Chu Rong GuiKenji Imakita,  Reza MontazamiMinoru Fujii and Nastaran Hashemi, “The single-band red upconversion luminescence from morphology and size controllable Er3+/Yb3+ doped MnF2 nanostructures,” Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Issue 9, 2014 


T. Purnima A. Ruberu, Haley R. Albright, Brandon Callis, Brittney Ward, Joana Cisneros, Hua-Jun Fan, Javier Vela (2009, 2010, 2011), “Molecular Control of the Nanoscale:  Effect of Phosphine Chalcogenide Reactivity on CdS-CdSE Nanocrystal Composition and Morphology,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, (submitted March 2012.)

Brittany Ward (? SULI) – see paper above

Joana Cisneros (? SULI) – see paper above

Hua-Jun Fan (? SULI) – see paper above

 T. Purnima A. Ruberu, Haley R. Albright, Brandon Callis, Brittney Ward, Joana Cisneros, Hua-Jun Fan, Javier Vela (2009, 2010, 2011) in a paper published by: Hughes, Luther, Beard, “The Subtle Chemistry of Collodial, Quantum-Confined Semiconductor Nanostructures,” ACS Nano, 2012, 6, asap)

Jani Reddy Bolla, Sylvia V. Do, Feng Long, Lei Dai, Chih-Chia Su, Hsiang-Ting Lei, Xiao Chen, Jillian E. Gerkey (2011-CCI), Daniel C. Murphy (2011), Kanagalaghatta R. Rajashankar, Qijing Zhang and Edward W. Yu, “Structural and funcatioal analysis of the transcriptional regulator Rv3066 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Nucleic Acids Research,” 2012, 1-16.

Jana, Barun; Hovey, Megan; Ellern, Arkady; Pestovsky, Oleg; Sadow, Aaron D.; Bakac, Andreja.  Unusual structural motif in a zwitterionic FE(II) complex of a tetradentate phosphine.  Dalton Transactions, 2012, 41, 12781-12785.

Tavasoli, E.; Guo, Y.; Kunal, P.; Grajeda, J (2011 SULI).; Gerber, A.; Vela, J. “Surface Doping Quantum Dots with Chemically-Active Native Ligands: Controlling Valence without Ligand Exchange.” Chem. Mater. 201224, 4231–4241.


Tristan Gray/Aaron Sadow (2010): “Allylic C-H bond activation and functionalization mediated by tris (oxazolinyl) borate rhodium (I) and iridium (I) compounds,” Dalton Transactions, DOI: 10.1039/c1dt102249d (31st March 2011)

Chris Knorowski/Alex Travesset (2007): “Dynamics and Statics of DNA-Programmable Nanoparticle Self-Assembly and Crystallization,” Physical Review Letters, PRL 106, 215501 (2011), 27 May 2011.

Seth Burleigh/ Alex Travesset (2010): “Dynamics and Statics of DNA-Programmable Nanoparticle Self-Assembly and Crystallization,” Physical Review Letters, PRL 106, 215501 (2011), 27 May 2011.

Joseph H. Wendel/James Evans (2010): Catalytic conversion reactions mediated by single-file diffusion in linear nanopores: Hydrodynamic versus stochastic behavior,” The Journal of Chemical Physics, Volune 134, Issue 11, 17 March 2011, Articles, Theoretical Methods and Algorithms

Mallory Mueller/Keith Woo (2009): “Conversions of Cycle Amines to Nylon Precursor Lactams Using Bulk Gold and Fumed Silica Catalysts,” ACS Catalyisis, ACS Catal. 2011, 1, 703-706.   

Trishelle Copeland-Johnson/Surya Mallapragada (2009, 2010), “Synthesis of a novel phogopolymerized nanocmoposite hydrogel for treatment of acute mechanical damage to cartilage,” Acta Biomaterialia, August 2011 (printed copy to follow).  Note: Trishelle was our first CCI student. 

Mark Rogalski/Dan Brannigan/Michael Kessler (2011), “Carbon fiber Reinforced Cyanate Ester/Nano-ZrW208 Composites with Tailored Thermal Expansion,” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, In Presss 2011 (doi: 10.1021/am201165q.)

Margaret Scheiner (2010), X. Xin, M. Scheiner, M. Ye, and Z. Lin, “Surface-treated TiO2 nanoparticles for dye-sensitized solar cells with remarkably enhanced performance,” Langmuir, vol. 27, no. 23, pp. 14594–14598, 2011.


Snell, R., Combs, E., Shanks, B.  Aldol Condensations Using Bio-Oil Model Compounds: The Role of Acid-Base Bi-functionality, Topics in Catalysis, 2010 (doi:10.1007/s11244-010-9576-7)

Pavel Brokskiy, DOE SERCh competition (SULI)

Victoria Richards, DOE SERCh competition (SULI)

Margaret Scheiner, DOE SERCh competition (SULI)

Brandon Callis, DOE SERCh competition (FaST)

Victoria Richards, 2010 Peter R. De Forest Forensic Science Student Research award (SULI)

Victoria Richards, 2010 International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts Annual Training Conference, Oct. 50-8, Atlantic City, NJ

Victoria Richards, “An Investigation of the Effects of Different Laundering Treatments on Commonly Used Fabrics in Regards to Bloodstain Formation and Analysis,” 2010 NEAFS and NEDIAI Joint Meeting, Nov. 8-12, Machester, VT (Note:  paper being submitted to a journal in 2011)

Lars Mattison (Gene Takle), Co-author on paper presented at the Wind Power Meteorology Scientific Session at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.   Also, co-author on poster at the Weather, Climate and New World Economy conference (January 2011), which is part of the American Meteorological Society annual meeting.


Haman, K (?), Badrinarayanan, P., & Kessler, M. R. (2009). Effect of a Zirconium Tungstate Filler on the Cure Behavior of a Cyanate Ester Resin. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 1(6), 1190-1195. American Chemical Society. doi:10.1021/am900051g

Thimmaiah, S.; Weber, J.; Miller, G.J., Josh Weber (200?): “Vacancies and Insertions in the RE10Ni9+xIn20 Series (RE = Ho-Tm, Lu),” Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 2009, 635, 1831-1839. 

Haman, Karen (?), Badrinarayanan, P., & Kessler, M. R. (2009). Cure characterization of the ring-opening metathesis polymerization of linseed oil-based thermosetting resins. Polymer International, 58(7), 738-744. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. doi:10.1002/pi.2585


Andrew Fidler/Ruslan Prozorov (2007): “Suprafroth in type-1 sueprconductors,” Nature Physics, 2 March 2008: doi:10.1038/nphys888.  Andrew has been accepeted into graduate school at the University of Chicago. 

Thomas Maloney/Masha Sosonkina (2005): “Microwave Characterization of Composites with Tungsten Coated Filler Particles,” IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation. (1/22/08)

Chris Knorowski (2007): “Self-assembled ordered polymer nanocomposites directed by attractive particles,” was published in The Journal of Chemical Physics, 128, 164903 (2008).

Mauldin, T. C., Haman, K.(?),  Sheng, X., Henna, P., Larock, R. C., & Kessler, M. R. (2008). Ring-opening metathesis polymerization of a modified linseed oil with varying levels of crosslinking. Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 46(20), 6851-6860. Wiley Subscription Services, Inc., A Wiley Company. doi:10.1002/pola.22995


Denae Clampitt/Edward Yu (2006):  “Characterization of multidrug efflux regulator AcrR from Eschericha coli,”  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 361 (2007) 85-90.

Charles Pye/Michael Tringides (2006):  “Novel Coarsening of Pb Nanostructure on Si(111) 7 X 7,” DOE Journal of Undergraduate Research.  Student also gave a presentation at the AAAS conference in Feb. 2007.

Magdalena Furczon/Andreja Bakac (2006):  "Kinetics of Dissociation of Molecular Oxygen From a Superoxorhodium Complex, and Reactivity of a Macrocyclic Rhodium(II) Ion," Inorganic Chemistry.

DeAnna Jones/Tanya Prozorov (2006): “Cobalt Ferrite Nanocrystals:  Out-Performing Magnetetactic Bacteria,” was published in ACS NANO (Vol. 1, No.3, Oct. 2007).


Andrew Shuff/Andreja Bakac (2005):  “Protonation Constants for Triarylphosphines in Aqueoous Acetroniitrile Solutions,” Organometallics 2006, 25, 2894-2898.