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Organic light-emitting diodes

There are two areas of organic electronics that are of interest through modeling and simulation. The first area involves organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), and a critical problem is that that a large fraction of light -more than 80%- is trapped and lost inside the high refractive index layers within the OLED.  We will consider various ways to design textured internal and textured external surfaces of the OLEDS that can extract this trapped light. We will use rigorous electromagnetic and photonic simulations for the modeling.

The second area involves organic semiconductors employed in solar materials. We plan to study the electronic properties in these materials through rigorous electronic structure simulations, to understand experimental data. These projects will be closely tied to the Photonics FWP and Prof. J. Shinar’s group. The student should have a rudimentary knowledge, or be able to learn, the basics of Unix and scientific programming.

Program mentor: Rana Biswas, scientist, Ames Laboratory

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