Jerel L. Zarestky

Scientist II
1 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6475
Phone 865-574-4951
Fax 865-574-6268

Research Interests

Magnetism and superconductivity covering a variety of materials systems investigated by neutron scattering techniques. These techniques include elastic measurements to study lattice and magnetic structures and transitions, and inelastic neutron scattering measurements to provide detailed information on lattice and spin dynamics.

        Project Affiliations:

(Chronologically most recent on top)Education

  • Ph.D. Condensed Matter Physics, Iowa State University, 1979
  • B.S. Physics and Mathematics, Iowa State University, 1973

(Chronologically most recent on top)Honors & Awards

  • 1995 Department of Energy Materials Science Award for outstanding Scientific Accomplishment

(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

MacDougall G J; Gout D; Zarestky J L; Ehlers G; Podlesnyak A; McGuire M A; Mandrus D; Nagler S E . 2011. Kinetically inhibited order in a diamond-lattice antiferromagnet. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108:15693-15698. abstract
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Toft-Petersen R; Jensen J; Jensen T B S; Andersen N H; Christensen N B; Niedermayer C; Kenzelmann M; Skoulatos M; Le M D; Lefmann K; Hansen S R; Li J Y; Zarestky J L; Vaknin D . 2011. High-field magnetic phase transitions and spin excitations in magnetoelectric LiNiPO(4). Physical Review B. 84:054408. abstract
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Pratt D K; Kim M G; Kreyssig A; Lee Y B; Tucker G S; Thaler A; Tian W; Zarestky J L; Bud'ko S L; Canfield P C; Harmon B N; Goldman A I; McQueeney R J . 2011. Incommensurate Spin-Density Wave Order in Electron-Doped BaFe(2)As(2) Superconductors. Physical Review Letters. 106:257001. abstract
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Krisch M; Farber D L; Xu R; Antonangeli D; Aracne C M; Beraud A; Chiang T C; Zarestky J; Kim D Y; Isaev E I; Ahuja R; Johansson B . 2011. Phonons of the anomalous element cerium. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108:9342-9345. abstract
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Hucker M; Von Zimmermann M; Xu Z J; Wen J S; Gu G D; Tian W; Zarestky J; Tranquada J M . 2011. Zn-Doping Dependence of Stripe Order in La1.905Ba0.095CuO4. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism. 24:1229-1233. abstract
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Marty K; Christianson A D; Wang C H; Matsuda M; Cao H; VanBebber L H; Zarestky J L; Singh D J; Sefat A S; Lumsden M D . 2011. Competing magnetic ground states in nonsuperconducting Ba(Fe1-xCrx)(2)As-2 as seen via neutron diffraction. Physical Review B. 83:060509. abstract
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Kim M G; Pratt D K; Rustan G E; Tian W; Zarestky J L; Thaler A; Bud'ko S L; Canfield P C; McQueeney R J; Kreyssig A; Goldman A I . 2011. Magnetic ordering and structural distortion in Ru-doped BaFe2As2 single crystals studied by neutron and x-ray diffraction. Physical Review B. 83:054514. abstract
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Li H F; Tian W; Yan J Q; Zarestky J L; McCallum R W; Lograsso T A; Vaknin D . 2010. Phase transitions and iron-ordered moment form factor in LaFeAsO. Physical Review B. 82:064409. abstract
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Kim M G; Kreyssig A; Thaler A; Pratt D K; Tian W; Zarestky J L; Green M A; Bud'ko S L; Canfield P C; McQueeney R J; Goldman A I . 2010. Antiferromagnetic ordering in the absence of structural distortion in Ba(Fe1-xMnx)(2)As-2. Physical Review B. 82:220503. abstract
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Tian W; Li J Y; Li H F; Lynn J W; Zarestky J L; Vaknin D; Iop . 2010. Neutron Scattering Studies of LiCoPO4 & LiMnPO4. International Conference on Neutron Scattering 2009. 251:. abstract
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