Yongbin Lee

Assistant Scientist III
112 Wilhelm Hall
The Ames Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Phone 515-294-9636
Email yblee@ameslab.gov

Research Interests

My research is focused on the theoretical investigation of electronic and magnetic properties of complex novel materials (mostly, but not limited, rare-earth compounds) through first principles methods.

  • X-ray magnetic circular dichroism & X-ray magnetic resonant scattering
  • Iron-Arsenic based superconductivity
  • Structure and magnetic phase transition
  • Shape memory and martensitic phase transition
  • Hard materials and elastic properties

        Project Affiliations:

(Chronologically most recent on top)Education

  • Ph.D. Physics, Iowa State University, 2004
  • M.S. Physics, Korea University, Korea, 1992
  • B.S. Physics, Korea University, Korea, 1989

(Chronologically most recent on top)Professional Appointments

  • 2008 - present Assistant Scientist, Ames Laboratory, US DOE, Iowa State University
  • 2004 - 2008 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Ames Laboratory, US DOE, Iowa State University

(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

Dhaka R S; Jiang R; Ran S; Bud'ko S L; Canfield P C; Harmon B N; Kaminski A; Tomic M; Valenti R; Lee Y B . 2014. Dramatic changes in the electronic structure upon transition to the collapsed tetragonal phase in CaFe2As2. Physical Review B. 89:020511. abstract
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Kandel K; Frederickson C; Smith E A; Lee Y J; Slowing I I . 2013. Bifunctional Adsorbent-Catalytic Nanoparticles for the Refining of Renewable Feedstocks. ACS Catalysis. 3:2750-2758. abstract
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Jayasekara W; Lee Y; Pandey A; Tucker G S; Sapkota A; Lamsal J; Calder S; Abernathy D L; Niedziela J L; Harmon B N; Kreyssig A; Vaknin D; Johnston D C; Goldman A I; McQueeney R J . 2013. Stripe Antiferromagnetic Spin Fluctuations in SrCo2As2. Physical Review Letters. 111:157001. abstract
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Cole D P; Smith E A; Dalluge D; Wilson D M; Heaton E A; Brown R C; Lee Y J . 2013. Molecular characterization of nitrogen-containing species in switchgrass bio-oils at various harvest times. Fuel. 111:718-726. abstract
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Pandey A; Quirinale D G; Jayasekara W; Sapkota A; Kim M G; Dhaka R S; Lee Y; Heitmann T W; Stephens P W; Ogloblichev V; Kreyssig A; McQueeney R J; Goldman A I; Kaminski A; Harmon B N; Furukawa Y; Johnston D C . 2013. Crystallographic, electronic, thermal, and magnetic properties of single-crystal SrCo2As2. Physical Review B. 88:014526. abstract
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Dhaka R S; Lee Y; Anand V K; Johnston D C; Harmon B N; Kaminski A . 2013. Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study of BaCo2As2. Physical Review B. 87:214516. abstract
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Korte A R; Lee Y J . 2013. Multiplex Mass Spectrometric Imaging with Polarity Switching for Concurrent Acquisition of Positive and Negative Ion Images. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 24:949-955. abstract
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Lee Y; Harmon B N . 2013. Rhombohedral distortion effects on electronic structure of LaCoO3. Journal of Applied Physics. 113:17e145. abstract
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Lee Y J; Leverence R C; Smith E A; Valenstein J S; Kandel K; Trewyn B G . 2013. High-Throughput Analysis of Algal Crude Oils Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry. Lipids. 48:297-305. abstract
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Yagnik G B; Korte A R; Lee Y J . 2013. Multiplex mass spectrometry imaging for latent fingerprints. Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 48:100-104. abstract
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