Vitalij Pecharsky

253 Spedding Hall
The Ames Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Phone 515-294-8220
Fax 515-294-9579

Research Interests

  • Synthesis, structure, experimental thermodynamics, physical and chemical properties of novel binary, ternary and multicomponent intermetallic compounds containing rare earth metals.
  • Anomalous behavior of 4f-electron systems
  • Relationships between materials' composition, structure, physical and chemical properties
  • Magnetostructural phase transformations
  • Physical properties of ultra-pure rare earth metals
  • Hydrogen storage materials
  • Complex hydrides
  • Mechanochemical transformations and mechanically promoted solid state reactions

        Project Affiliations:

(Chronologically most recent on top)Education

  • Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, L’viv State University, L’viv, Ukraine, 1979
  • M.S. Chemistry (with distinction), L’viv State University, L’viv, Ukraine, 1976
  • B.S. Chemistry (with distinction), L’viv State University, L’viv, Ukraine, 1976

(Chronologically most recent on top)Professional Appointments

  • 1998 - 2000 Scientist, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University
  • 1995 - 1998 Associate Scientist, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University
  • 1993 - 1995 Visiting Scientist, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University

(Chronologically most recent on top)Honors & Awards

  • 2006 Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering
  • 2003 Materials Science and Engineering Department Excellence in Research Award
  • 2003 Innovative Housing Technology Awards: Coming of Age Award for Magnetic Refrigerator by the Nat’l. Assn. of Home Builders, Atlanta, GA
  • 2002 Federal Laboratory Consortium’s Mid-Continent Award for Outstanding Regional Partnership between DOE’s Ames Lab. and Astronautics Corp. of America on “Magnetic Refrigeration Technology”
  • 2000 US DOE’s Energy 100 Award for the “Magnetic Refrigeration Unit”
  • 1999 Award of Excellence for a Technical Paper “Magnetic Cooling for Appliances” presented at the 50th Anniversary Conf. of the Int’l. Appliance Technical Conference at Purdue University
  • 1997 DOE Materials Sciences Award for Significant Implication for Dept. of Energy Related Technologies in the Metallurgy and Ceramics
  • 1995 Russell B. Scott Memorial Award for the Best Research Paper at the 1993 Cryogenic Engineering Conference and published in Adv. in Cryogenic Engineering

(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

Zverev V I; Tishin A M; Chernyshov A S; Mudryk Y; Gschneidner K A; Pecharsky V K . 2014. Magnetic and magnetothermal properties and the magnetic phase diagram of high purity single crystalline terbium along the easy magnetization direction. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter. 26:066001. abstract
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Marcano N; Algarabel P A; Fernandez J R; Magen C; Morellon L; Singh N K; Gschneidner K A; Pecharsky V K; Ibarra M R . 2013. Effects of pressure on the magnetic-structural and Griffiths-like transitions in Dy5Si3Ge. Physical Review B. 88:214429. abstract
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Paudyal D; Pathak A K; Pecharsky V K; Gschneidner K A . 2013. Understanding and prediction of electronic-structure-driven physical behaviors in rare-earth compounds. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter. 25:396002. abstract
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Berezovets V V; Denys R V; Zavalii I Y; Paul-Boncour V; Pecharsky V . 2013. Characteristic Features of the Sorption-Desorption of Hydrogen by Mg-M-Ni (M = Al, Mn, Ti) Ternary Alloys. Materials Science. 49:159-169. abstract
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Xie W W; Thimmaiah S; Lamsal J; Liu J; Heitmann T W; Quirinale D; Goldman A I; Pecharsky V; Miller G J . 2013. beta-Mn-Type Co8+xZn12-x as a Defect Cubic Laves Phase: Site Preferences, Magnetism, and Electronic Structure. Inorganic Chemistry. 52:9399-9408. abstract
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Tseng Y C; Paudyal D; Mudryk Y; Pecharsky V K; Gschneidner K A; Haskel D . 2013. Electronic contribution to the enhancement of the ferromagnetic ordering temperature by Si substitution in Gd-5(SixGe1-x)(4). Physical Review B. 88:054428. abstract
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Zou J D; Liu J; Mudryk Y; Pecharsky V K; Gschneidner K A . 2013. Ferromagnetic ordering and Griffiths-like phase behavior in Gd5Ge3.9Al0.1. Journal of Applied Physics. 114:063904. abstract
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Liu J; Paudyal D; Mudryk Y; Zou J D; Gschneidner K A; Pecharsky V K . 2013. Unusual magnetic and structural transformations of DyFe4Ge2. Physical Review B. 88:014423. abstract
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Pathak A K; Paudyal D; Mudryk Y; Gschneidner K A; Pecharsky V K . 2013. Anomalous Schottky Specific Heat and Structural Distortion in Ferromagnetic PrAl2. Physical Review Letters. 110:186405. abstract
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Wang C L; Zou J D; Liu J; Mudryk Y; Gschneidner K A; Long Y; Smetana V; Miller G J; Pecharsky V K . 2013. Crystal structure, magnetic properties, and the magnetocaloric effect of Gd5Rh4 and GdRh. Journal of Applied Physics. 113:17a904. abstract
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