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Replacing Critical Rare Earth Materials in High Energy Density Magnets


Novel High-Energy Permanent Magnets without Critical Elements

R.William McCallum, Ames Laboratory, Ames, IA

Project Objective: Develop a Ce-TM based permanent magnet with a Curie temperature in excess of 300ËšC, a remnant magnetization in excess of 10kG, and coercivity in excess of 10 kOe.

Impact: Increase the supply of rare-earth (RE) permanent magnet for electric traction motors by a factor of 3 to 5 from developed mineral resources.

Task 1: GM - Interstitially modified cerium-transition metal (Ce-TM) magnet materials.

Task 2: AMES - Substitutionally-modified Ce-TM magnet materials.

Task 3: AMES - (Ce1-xNdx)2Fe14B exchange-couped nanostructures.

Task 4: AMES - Theoretical assessments of interstitally and substitutionally modified CE-TM magnet material 

Low-coercivity, non-RE magnetics are unsuitable for applications to wind or vehicles, Nd2Fe14B is favored. Ce abundance is 4x Nd and Pr combined, but suitable Ce-based magnets are undeveloped.

Via intefrated computational engineering and advanced synthesis and processing, WE WILL:

-Control and manipulate magnetic properties of Ce-TM permanent magnets for traction motors.

-Develop a Ce-TM based magnet for motors having Tc > 300 C, a remnant magnetization > Tesla and a coercivity > 10 KOe, needed for technology.