Qisheng Lin

Associate Scientist
354 Spedding Hall
The Ames Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Phone 515-294-3513
Email qslin@ameslab.gov

(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

Samal S L; Lin Q S; Corbett J D . 2012. Two Homologous Intermetallic Phases in the Na-Au-Zn System with Sodium Bound in Unusual Paired Sites within 1D Tunnels. Inorganic Chemistry. 51:9395-9402. abstract
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Lin Q S; Smetana V; Miller G J; Corbett J D . 2012. Conventional and Stuffed Bergman-Type Phases in the Na-Au-T (T=Ga, Ge, Sn) Systems: Syntheses, Structures, Coloring of Cluster Centers, and Fermi Sphere-Brillouin Zone Interactions. Inorganic Chemistry. 51:8882-8889. abstract
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Lin Q S; Corbett J D . 2010. Multiple Nonstoichiometric Phases with Discrete Composition Ranges in the CaAu5-CaAu4Bi-BiAu2 System. A Case Study of the Chemistry of Spinodal Decomposition. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 132:5662-5671. abstract
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Lin Q S; Corbett J D . 2009. Centric and Non-centric Ca3Au similar to 7.5Ge similar to 3.5: Electron-Poor Derivatives of La3Al11. Syntheses, Structures, and Bonding Analyses. Inorganic Chemistry. 48:5403-5411. abstract
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Lin Q S; Corbett J D . 2009. A Chemical Approach to the Discovery of Quasicrystals and Their Approximant Crystals. Controlled Assembly and Modification of Inorganic Systems. 133:1-39. abstract
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