R. William McCallum

106 Wilhelm Hall
The Ames Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Phone 515-294-4736
Fax 515-294-4291
Email mccallum@ameslab.gov

Research Interests

  • Magnetic and electronic properties of ternary rare earth compounds
  • Permanent magnet materials
  • Development of microstructure during rapid solidification processing
  • High temperature superconductors
  • Effect of microstructure on magnetic and superconducting properties
  • Composite magnetostrictive materials
  • Preparation pathways for novel materials
  • Growth of single crystals of novel materials

        Project Affiliations:

(Chronologically most recent on top)Education

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Institute for Pure and Applied Physical Sciences, University of California, San Diego, 1977 - 1978
  • Ph.D. Physics, University of California, San Diego, 1977
  • M.S. Physics, University of California, San Diego, 1973
  • B.A. Mathematics and Physics, Carleton College, 1969

(Chronologically most recent on top)Professional Appointments

  • 1986 - present Senior Materials Scientist, Ames Laboratory, USDOE, Iowa State University
  • 1991 - present Adjunct Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Dept., Iowa State University
  • 1992 - 1996 Director, Rare-earth Information Center, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
  • 1987 - 1991 Adjunct Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Dept., Iowa State University
  • 1982 - 1986 Senior Research Physicist, Energy Conservation Devices, Troy, MI
  • 1978 - 1982 Scientific Staff Member, Institut fur Festkorperforshung der Kernforschungsanlage Julich, Julich, West Germany.

(Chronologically most recent on top)Honors & Awards

  • 1997 R&D 100 Award, Nanocrystalline Composite Coercive Magnet Powders
  • 1996 DOE Materials Sciences Award, Significant Implication for DOE Related Technologies, Metallurgy and Ceramics
  • 1996 STE Short Term Fellow International Superconductivity Technology Center, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1995 DOE Materials Sciences Award, Sustained Outstanding Research in Solid State Physics
  • 1988 STE Short Term Fellow National Research Institute for Metals, Tokyo, Japan

(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

Tang W; Xing Q F; Dennis K W; Oster N T; Kramer M J; Anderson I E; McCallum R W . 2012. Anisotropic Hot-Deformed MRE-Fe-B Magnets With Zn Powder Addition (MRE = Nd plus Y plus Dy). IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 48:3147-3149. abstract
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Liu Y; Xing Q; Dennis K W; McCallum R W; Lograsso T A . 2012. Evolution of precipitate morphology during heat treatment and its implications for the superconductivity in KxFe1.6+ySe2 single crystals. Physical Review B. 86:144507. abstract
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Li G; Grissonnanche G; Yan J Q; McCallum R W; Lograsso T A; Zhou H D; Balicas L . 2012. High superconducting anisotropy and weak vortex pinning in Co-doped LaFeAsO. Physical Review B. 86:054517. abstract
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Kramer M J; McCallum R W; Anderson I A; Constantinides S . 2012. Prospects for Non-Rare Earth Permanent Magnets for Traction Motors and Generators. JOM. 64:752-763. abstract
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Jensen B; Dennis K W; McCallum R W; SalazarVillalpando M D; Neelameggham N R; Guillen D P; Pati S; Krumdick G K . 2012. Search for New Rare Earth Based Permanent Magnetic Materials. Energy Technology 2012: Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies. :247-253. abstract
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Bi W; Souza-Neto N M; Haskel D; Fabbris G; Alp E E; Zhao J; Hennig R G; Abd-Elmeguid M M; Meng Y; McCallum R W; Dennis K; Schilling J S . 2012. Synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy studies of valence and magnetic state in europium metal to extreme pressures. Physical Review B. 85:205134. abstract
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Oster N T; Cavanaugh D T; Dennis K W; Kramer M J; McCallum R W; Anderson I E . 2012. Effects of Ag additions on melt-spun RE2Fe14B microstructure and texture. Journal of Applied Physics. 111:07a723. abstract
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Tang W; Dennis K W; Kramer M J; Anderson I E; McCallum R W . 2012. Studies of sintered MRE-Fe-B magnets by DyF3 addition or diffusion treatment (MRE = Nd+Y+Dy). Journal of Applied Physics. 111:07a736. abstract
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Golkar F; Kramer M J; Zhang Y; McCallum R W; Skomski R; Sellmyer D J; Shield J E . 2012. Structure and magnetic properties of Co-W clusters produced by inert gas condensation. Journal of Applied Physics. 111:07b524. abstract
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Li H F; Yan J Q; Kim J W; McCallum R W; Lograsso T A; Vaknin D . 2011. Anisotropic magnetoelastic coupling in single-crystalline CeFeAsO as seen via high-resolution x-ray diffraction. Physical Review B. 84:220501. abstract
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