Linlin Wang

Associate Scientist
336A Wilhelm Hall
The Ames Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Phone 515-294-7518

Research Interests

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(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

Cui J; Choi J P; Li G; Polikarpov E; Darsell J; Overman N; Olszta M; Schreiber D; Bowden M; Droubay T; Kramer M J; Zarkevich N A; Wang L L; Johnson D D; Marinescu M; Takeuchi I; Huang Q Z; Wu H; Reeve H; Vuong N V; Liu J P . 2014. Thermal stability of MnBi magnetic materials. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter. 26:064212. abstract
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Tan T L; Wang L L; Johnson D D; Bai K W . 2013. Hydrogen Deposition on Pt(111) during Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution from a First-Principles Multiadsorption-Site Study. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 117:22696-22704. abstract
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Feng S R; Wang L J; Palo P; Liu X P; Mallapragada S K; Nilsen-Hamilton M . 2013. Integrated Self-Assembly of the Mms6 Magnetosome Protein to Form an Iron-Responsive Structure. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 14:14594-14606. abstract
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Xiao C X; Wang L L; Maligal-Ganesh R V; Smetana V; Walen H; Thiel P A; Miller G J; Johnson D D; Huang W Y . 2013. Intermetallic NaAu2 as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Low-Temperature CO Oxidation. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 135:9592-9595. abstract
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Wang L L; Huang M L; Thimmaiah S; Alam A; Bud'ko S L; Kaminski A; Lograsso T A; Canfield P; Johnson D D . 2013. Native defects in tetradymite Bi-2(TexSe3-x) topological insulators. Physical Review B. 87:125303. abstract
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Pussi K; Li H I; Shin H; Loli L N S; Shukla A K; Ledieu J; Fournee V; Wang L L; Su S Y; Marino K E; Snyder M V; Diehl R D . 2012. Elucidating the dynamical equilibrium of C-60 molecules on Ag(111). Physical Review B. 86:205406. abstract
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Tan T L; Wang L L; Johnson D D; Bai K W . 2012. A Comprehensive Search for Stable Pt-Pd Nanoalloy Configurations and Their Use as Tunable Catalysts. Nano Letters. 12:4875-4880. abstract
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Reich J M; Wang L L; Johnson D D . 2012. Surface and Particle-Size Effects on Hydrogen Desorption from Catalyst-Doped MgH2. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 116:20315-20320. abstract
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Jiang R; Wang L L; Huang M L; Dhaka R S; Johnson D D; Lograsso T A; Kaminski A . 2012. Reversible tuning of the surface state in a pseudobinary Bi-2(Te-Se)(3) topological insulator. Physical Review B. 86:085112. abstract
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Wang L L; Tan T L; Johnson D D . 2012. Nanoalloy composition-temperature phase diagram for catalyst design: Case study of Ag-Au. Physical Review B. 86:035438. abstract
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