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Novel Broadband Terahertz Light Emitters

Broadband terahertz light emitters have been designed and fabricated using nanoscale U-shaped building blocks. The terahertz spectral range sits between infrared and typical radar frequencies, and the challenges of efficiently generating and detecting terahertz radiation has limited its use. However, broadband terahertz sources offer exciting possibilities to study fundamental physics principles, to develop non-invasive material imaging and sensing, and make possible terahertz information, communication, processing and storage. The building blocks, known as split ring resonators, are tailored to form nanometer thin, so-called metamaterials. Split ring resonators, because of the U-shaped design, exhibit a strong magnetic response to wavelengths from the terahertz to infrared range. These new metamaterials could allow integration of terahertz optoelectronics with high-speed telecommunications.

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Friday, March 28, 2014
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Broadband Terahertz Generation from Metamaterials

L. Luo, I. Chatzakis, J.-G. Wang, F. B. P. Niesler, M. Wegener, T. Koschny and C. M. Soukoulis
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Nature Communications
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