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Ultracoatings - Enabling Energy and Power Solutions in High Contact Stress Environments

The purpose of this project is to develop the first generation of advanced thin film coatings for high contact stress applications. The results will facilitate domestic energy production through reduced cost of coal gasification, improve fuel efficiency, and lead to novel energy solutions through successful development of materials that are exposed to extreme operating conditions. New research into advanced, nanocomposite materials with an order of magnitude better wear resistance than current offerings has shown great promise. Scale-up efforts will focus on transitioning laboratory-scale, bulk nanocomposite materials research to coated components that perform in environments where all previous coatings have failed. A primary objective will be to transition the superior performance of the bulk, laboratory-scale materials into a thin-film coating that will sustain a target pressure-velocity (PV) product of at least 70,000 MPa-m/s.