Computational & Experimental Development of Novel High Temperature Alloys


Project Leader(s):
Matthew Kramer

Principal Investigators:
Mufit Akinc, Matthew Kramer


The objective of Computational and Experimental Development of Novel High Temperature Alloys is to develop alloys with enhanced high temperature oxidation resistance with robust mechanical properties. To accomplish this objective we utilize a novel multi-stage progressive “sieving process.” At this point in time, the most promising alloys are Ni-based, so the efforts will concentrate specifically on designing oxidation-resistant Ni-based alloys that can operate at temperatures close to 2500°F (~1350°C). While intermetallics, like the Mo-silicides, can withstand oxidative environments at very high temperatures, they have poor mechanical properties that preclude their implementation. On the other hand, Ni-based alloys (especially alumina formers) provide good mechanical strength and oxidation resistance. Since the melting point of Ni is 1455°C, the challenge lies in alloy compositions having significantly higher melting points, while maintaining good microstructural, thermodynamic, and chemical stability at elevated temperatures. Our approach would involve using the Miedema model for initial screening of prospective alloys, followed by more detailed thermodynamic assessments, and experiments on oxidation behavior to focus on these potential alloys.


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