Development of Improved Powder for Bonded Permanent Magnets


Project Leader(s):
Iver Anderson

Principal Investigators:
Iver Anderson, Vladimir Antropov, Bruce Harmon, Kai-Ming Ho, Matthew Kramer, R. William McCallum, Cai-Zhuang Wang


This project has three main objectives.

  1. Develop high performance permanent magnets (PM) for traction motor with internal PM rotor:
    • requires elevated temperature (180-200°C) operation, minimize cooling needs
    • increased high temperature magnetic performance more critical than RT
  2. Reduce manufacturing cost of PM traction motors:
    • bonded PM can utilize injection or compression molding technology
      • net shape forming for mass production of rotors
  3. Achieve high performance and reliability for bonded magnets:
    • increase volumetric loading
    • minimize irreversible magnetic losses (oxidation)


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