Complex States, Emergent Phenomena & Superconductivity in Intermetallic & Metal-like Compounds


Project Leader(s):
Paul Canfield

Principal Investigators:
Sergey Bud'ko, Paul Canfield, John Clem, David Johnston, Adam Kaminski, Vladimir Kogan, Ruslan Prozorov, Makariy Tanatar,

Postdoctoral Research Associates:
Kyuil Cho, Abhishek Pandey


The specific scientific question to be addressed by this Project is—can we develop, discover, understand and ultimately control, and predictably modify new and extreme examples of complex states, emergent phenomena, and superconductivity? Materials manifesting clear or compelling examples (or combinations) of superconductivity, strongly correlated electrons, quantum criticality, and exotic, bulk magnetism are of particular interest given their potential to lead to revolutionary steps forward in our understanding of their complex, and potentially energy relevant, properties. Experiment and theory are implemented synergistically. The experimental work consists of new materials development and crystal growth, combined with detailed and advanced measurements of microscopic, thermodynamic, and transport properties, as well as electronic structure, at extremes of pressure, temperature, magnetic field and resolution. The theoretical work focuses on modeling transport, thermodynamic and spectroscopic properties using world-leading, phenomenological approaches to superconductors and modern quantum many-body theory.

The ability to address these questions is illustrated by this group’s past work on many of the key systems and phenomena that have defined this field over the past decades: High Tc oxide, RNi2B2C and MgB2 superconductivity, Ce-, Yb- and transition metal-based heavy fermions, quantum criticality, quasicrystals, spin glasses, spin ladders / spin chains, vortex and domain pattern formation, ferromagnetism and metamagnetism.

  • Design and growth (P. C. Canfield, S. Bud’ko, D. C. Johnston, J. Schmalian,V. Kogan)
  • Advanced Characterization (S. Bud’ko, Y. Furukawa, A. Kaminski, R. Prozorov, M. Tanatar)
  • Theory and modeling (J. R. Clem, V. Kogan, J. Schmalian)


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