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Revealing the True Nature of a Metal Oxide

Extensive calculations revealed that the calcium-iridium-oxygen compound CaIrO3 is a Slater-type insulator, putting to rest the debate of whether the insulating nature of the metal oxide is Mott-type or Slater-type.  While both types are insulators, the insulating properties in Mott types arise from electron repulsion while in Slater types magnetic ordering plays a prominent role.  Through a series of calculations, the team described the types of interactions between the various atoms in the oxide.  Their calculations took temperature into consideration, because it is known that above a certain temperature a Mott insulator will remain insulating while in the Slater system the magnetic ordering will be destroyed and become metallic.  Researchers found that the metal oxide underwent a change at around -46 °F, a change consistent with the Slater-type.  Knowing the insulator type is vital for determining further properties and uses of a particular metal oxide.

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Monday, October 19, 2015
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Nature of the Insulating Ground State of the 5d Postperovskite CaIrO3

S.-W. Kim, C. Liu, H.-J. Kim, Jun-Ho Lee, Y. Yao, K.-M. Ho, and J.-H. Cho
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Physical Review Letters
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