Zn-Doping Dependence of Stripe Order in La1.905Ba0.095CuO4

TitleZn-Doping Dependence of Stripe Order in La1.905Ba0.095CuO4
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHucker M, Von Zimmermann M, Xu ZJ, Wen JS, Gu GD, Tian W, Zarestky J, Tranquada JM
Journal TitleJournal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
Date Published04
ISBN Number1557-1939
Accession NumberISI:000289488800023
KeywordsCU, cuprates, hole concentration, muon-spin-relaxation, neutron-scattering, STRIPES, superconductors, zn doping

The effect of Zn-doping on the stripe order in La1.905Ba0.095CuO4 has been studied by means of x-ray and neutron diffraction as well as magnetization measurements. While 1% Zn leads to an increase of the spin stripe order, it unexpectedly causes a wipe out of the visibility of the charge stripe order. A magnetic field of 10 Tesla applied along the c-axis has no reversing effect on the charge order. We compare this observation with the Zn-doping dependence of the crystal structure, superconductivity, and normal state magnetism.

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Alternate JournalJ Supercond Nov MagnJ Supercond Nov Magn