Solidification microstructures and solid-state parallels: Recent developments, future directions

TitleSolidification microstructures and solid-state parallels: Recent developments, future directions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAsta M, Beckermann C, Karma A, Kurz W, Napolitano R, Plapp M, Purdy G, Rappaz M, Trivedi R
Journal TitleActa Materialia
Date Published12/26
ISBN Number1359-6454
Accession NumberISI:000264248700001
Keywordsatomistic modeling, interfacial free-energy, lennard-jones system, phase-field modeling, phase-field simulation, silicon hypoeutectic alloys, solid-liquid interface, solid-state phase transformations, solidification microstructures, undercooled metallic m

Rapid advances in atomistic and phase-field modeling techniques as well as new experiments have led to major progress in solidification science during the first years of this century. Here we review the most important findings in this technologically important area that impact Our quantitative understanding of: (i) key anisotropic properties of the solid-liquid interface that govern solidification pattern evolution, including the solid-liquid interface free energy and the kinetic coefficient; (ii) dendritic solidification at small and large growth rates. with particular emphasis on orientation selection; (iii) regular and irregular eutectic and peritectic microstructures; (iv) effects of convection on microstructure formation; (v) solidification at a high Volume fraction of solid and the related formation of pores and hot cracks: and (vi) solid-state transformations as far as they relate to solidification models anti techniques. In light of this progress, critical issues that point to directions for future research in both solidification and solid-state transformations are identified. (C) 2008 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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