In-situ powder diffraction in high magnetic fields

TitleIn-situ powder diffraction in high magnetic fields
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsPecharsky VK, Mudryk Y, Gschneldner KA
Journal TitleZeitschrift Fur Kristallographie
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0044-2968
Accession NumberISI:000258748400021
KeywordsCRYSTAL-LATTICE, magnetic field, ND0.5SR0.5MNO3, phase transformations, powder diffraction, temperature, transition, x-ray-diffraction

By coupling a rotating anode powder diffractometer with a continUOUS-flOW liquid helium-cooled cryostat and a split-coil superconducting magnet, Rietveld-quality powder diffraction data have been obtained between 5 and 3 15 K in magnetic fields reaching 4 T. A typical experiment quantifying both the phase composition and changes in the unit cell dimensions and phase volume(s) may be carried Out in as little as ten to twenty minutes. A few hours long experiment is sufficient to provide detailed information about the individual atomic parameters. Both massive and subtle field-induced structural changes have been detected, providing structural data needed to develop a better understanding of structureproperty relationships of solids.

Alternate JournalZ. Kristall.