Orbital hybridization in RVO3 perovskites: A high-pressure study

TitleOrbital hybridization in RVO3 perovskites: A high-pressure study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsZhou JS, Goodenough JB, Yan JQ, Cheng JG, Matsubayashi K, Uwatoko Y, Ren Y
Journal TitlePhysical Review B
Date Published12/01
ISBN Number1098-0121
Accession NumberISI:000273228500068
Keywordsdysprosium compounds, fluctuations, high-pressure solid-state phase transformations, lanthanum compounds, phonons, spin-orbit interactions, thermal conductivity, yttrium compounds, YVO3

The RVO3 perovskites undergo orbital ordering and orbital-flipping transitions as well as a spin ordering transition. However, the existing model of orbital ordering fails to explain the thermal conductivity, which remains poor and glassy in the orbitally ordered phase. The phonon thermal conductivity is restored only below a first-order orbital-flipping transition. Orbital ordering induces a specific lattice distortion, which makes uniaxial pressure suitable to distinguish and verify all possible orbital and spin orderings in orthorhombic RVO3. We have made a systematic study of orbital/spin transitions in single-crystal samples of RVO3 (R=Dy, Y1-xLax) under uniaxial and hydrostatic pressure. Comparison of the uniaxial and hydrostatic pressure effects on the spin/orbital-flipping transition permits us to identify orbital fluctuations due to the hybridization of t(2) and et orbitals in the type-G orbitally ordered phase.

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