A New Approach: Component-Based Multi-physics Coupling through CCA-LISI

TitleA New Approach: Component-Based Multi-physics Coupling through CCA-LISI
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLiu F, Sosonkina M, Bramley R
Journal TitleComputational Science and Its Applications - Iccsa 2010, Pt 2, Proceedings
ISBN Number0302-9743
Accession NumberISI:000279383700040
Keywordscomponent architecture and interface, framework, integrated simulation, MODELS, parallel model coupling, sparse matrix computation

A new problem in scientific computing is the merging of existing simulation models to create new, higher fidelity combined models. This has been a driving force in climate modeling for nearly a decade now, and fusion energy, space weather modeling are starting to integrate different sub-physics into a single model. Through component-based software engineering, an interface supporting this coupling process provides a way to invoke the sub-model through the common interface which the top model uses, then a coupled model turns into a higher level model. In addition to allowing applications to switch among linear solvers, a linear solver interface is also needed for the model coupling. A linear solver interface helps in creating solvers for the integrated multi-physics simulation that combines separate codes, and can use each code's native and specialized solver for the sub-problem corresponding to each physics sub-model. This paper presents a new approach on coupling multi-physics codes in terms of coupled solver, and shows the successful proof for coupled simulation through the implicit solve.

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