Intraspecies Prion Transmission Results in Selection of Sheep Scrapie Strains

TitleIntraspecies Prion Transmission Results in Selection of Sheep Scrapie Strains
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsYokoyama T, Masujin K, Schmerr MJ, Shu YJ, Okada H, Iwamaru Y, Imamura M, Matsuura Y, Murayama Y, Mohri S
Journal TitlePLOS One
Date Published11/16
ISBN Number1932-6203
Accession NumberISI:000284257400024
Keywordsabnormal isoform, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, bse, creutzfeldt-jakob-disease, interspecies transmission, molecular analysis, MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODIES, natural scrapie, protein, transgenic mice

Background: Sheep scrapie is caused by multiple prion strains, which have been classified on the basis of their biological characteristics in inbred mice. The heterogeneity of natural scrapie prions in individual sheep and in sheep flocks has not been clearly defined.Methodology/Principal Findings: In this study, we intravenously injected 2 sheep (Suffolk and Corriedale) with material from a natural case of sheep scrapie (Suffolk breed). These 3 sheep had identical prion protein (PrP) genotypes. The protease-resistant core of PrP (PrPres) in the experimental Suffolk sheep was similar to that in the original Suffolk sheep. In contrast, PrPres in the Corriedale sheep differed from the original PrPres but resembled the unusual scrapie isolate, CH1641. This unusual PrPres was not detected in the original sheep. The PrPres distributions in the brain and peripheral tissues differed between the 2 breeds of challenged sheep. A transmission study in wild-type and TgBoPrP mice, which overexpressing bovine PrP, led to the selection of different prion strains. The pathological features of prion diseases are thought to depend on the dominantly propagated strain.Conclusions/Significance: Our results indicate that prion strain selection occurs after both inter-and intraspecies transmission. The unusual scrapie prion was a hidden or an unexpressed component in typical sheep scrapie.

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