A fluorophosphate-based inverse Keggin structure

TitleA fluorophosphate-based inverse Keggin structure
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFielden J, Quasdorf K, Cronin L, Kogerler P
Journal TitleDalton Transactions
Date Published08
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1477-9226
Accession NumberWOS:000307018900012
Keywordsbuilding-blocks, chemistry, complexes, crystal-structure, functionalization, heteropolymolybdates, ligands, moiety, polyoxometalate clusters, polyoxomolybdates

An unusual PFO32--templated "inverse Keggin" polyanion, [Mo12O46(PF)(4)](4-), has been isolated from the degradation reaction of an {Mo-132}-type Keplerate to [PMo12O40](3-) by [Cu(MeCN)(4)](PF6) in acetonitrile. P-31-NMR studies suggest a structure-directing role for [Cu(MeCN)(4)](+) in the formation of the highly unusual all-inorganic inverse Keggin structure.

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Alternate JournalDalton Trans.