Excited-state spin coherence of a single nitrogen-vacancy centre in diamond

TitleExcited-state spin coherence of a single nitrogen-vacancy centre in diamond
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFuchs GD, Dobrovitski VV, Toyli DM, Heremans FJ, Weis CD, Schenkel T, Awschalom DD
Journal TitleNature Physics
Date Published09
ISBN Number1745-2473
Accession NumberISI:000281540200014

Nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond are a solid-state analogue of trapped atoms, with fine structure in both the ground and excited states that may be used for advanced quantum control. These centres are promising candidates for spin-based quantum information processing1-3 and magnetometry4-6 at room temperature. Knowledge of the excited-state (ES) structure and coherence is critical to evaluating the ES as a room-temperature quantum resource, for example for a fast, optically gated swap operation with a nuclear-spin memory(7). Here we report experiments that probe the ES-spin coherence of single nitrogen-vacancy centres. Using a combination of pulsed-laser excitation and nanosecond-scale microwave manipulation, we observed ES Rabi oscillations, and multipulse resonant control enabled us to study coherent ES electron/nuclear-spin interactions. To understand these processes, we developed a finite-temperature theory of ES spin dynamics that also provides a pathway towards engineering longer ES spin coherence.

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