Decay of Rabi Oscillations by Dipolar-Coupled Dynamical Spin Environments

TitleDecay of Rabi Oscillations by Dipolar-Coupled Dynamical Spin Environments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDobrovitski VV, Feiguin AE, Hanson R, Awschalom DD
Journal TitlePhysical Review Letters
Date Published06/12
ISBN Number0031-9007
Accession NumberISI:000266977500066
Keywordsbits, coherent dynamics, diamond, electron, quantum dots, qubits, relaxation

We study the Rabi oscillations decay of a spin decohered by a spin bath whose internal dynamics is caused by dipolar coupling between the bath spins. The form and rate of decay as a function of the intrabath coupling is obtained analytically, and confirmed numerically. The complex form of decay smoothly varies from power law to exponential, and the rate changes nonmonotonically with the intrabath coupling, decreasing for both slow and fast baths. The form and rate of Rabi oscillations decay can be used to experimentally determine the intrabath coupling strength for a broad class of solid-state systems.

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