Composition dependent phase transformation of Pt0.5-x Mn0.5+x from A1 to L1(0) phase

TitleComposition dependent phase transformation of Pt0.5-x Mn0.5+x from A1 to L1(0) phase
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsJi CX, Huang ML, Kramer MJ, Zhang C, Wu KS, Yang Y, Chang YA
Journal TitleApplied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing
Date Published05/01
ISBN Number0947-8396
Accession NumberISI:000277784300019
KeywordsANTIFERROMAGNETS, blocking temperature distribution, giant magnetoresistance, mn, room-temperature, sensors, spin-valve structures, stability, system, thin-films

Pt0.5-x Mn0.5+x films were prepared by sputtering deposition of Pt foil and Mn target to study the order-disorder transition from a thermodynamic metastable fcc (A1) phase to L1(0) phase. Both Differential Scanning Calorimetry and High Temperature X-Ray Diffraction studies showed the phase transformation from fcc to the L1(0) structure for the Pt0.50Mn0.50 and Pt0.40Mn0.60 samples but along completely different kinetic paths. A composition dependent phase transformation was observed by comprehensive Differential Scanning Calorimetry studies on a series of Pt0.5-x Mn0.5+x samples. The changes of the lattice parameter and the cell volume of L1(0) Pt0.5-x Mn0.5+x as a function of composition suggest that the anti-site is not the dominant point defect for L1(0) Pt0.5-x Mn0.5+x .

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