CoII4MoV12O28(OH)12(H2O)12 center dot 12H2O: facilitating single-crystal growth by deuteration

TitleCoII4MoV12O28(OH)12(H2O)12 center dot 12H2O: facilitating single-crystal growth by deuteration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsEllern A, Kogerler P
Journal TitleActa Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications
Date Published03
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0108-2701
Accession NumberWOS:000301047700003

The structure of the neutral heterometal oxide cluster dodecaaqua-di-mu 3-hydroxido-deca-mu 2-hydroxido-octacosaoxidotetracobalt(II)dodecamolybdenum(V) dodecahydrate, [Mo12O28(mu 2-OH)10(mu 3-OH)2{Co(H2O)3}4], is virtually identical to the previously reported NiII analogue [Mo12O28(mu 2-OH)10(mu 3-OH)2{NiII(H2O)3}4] [Muller, Beugholt, Kogerler, Bogge, Budko & Luban (2000). Inorg. Chem.39, 51765177], the first molecular magnet to exhibit signs of magnetostriction. The formation kinetics of the neutral cluster species, which is insoluble in water, can be significantly slowed by the use of deuterated reactants in order to grow single crystals of sufficient size for single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies using standard diffractometers. One half of the main cluster and six solvent water molecules constitute the asymmetric unit. The main cluster is located on a mirror plane.

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Alternate JournalActa Crystallogr. Sect. C-Cryst. Struct. Commun.