Dr. Marit Nilsen-Hamilton

Ames Laboratory Associate and Professor, Iowa State University
3206 Molecular Biology
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
Phone 515-294-9996
Fax 515-294-0453
Email marit@iastate.edu

Research Interests

        Project Affiliations:
        Bioinspired Materials
        Imaging Gene Expression

(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

Banerjee J; Nilsen-Hamilton M . 2013. Aptamers: multifunctional molecules for biomedical research. Journal of Molecular Medicine-JMM. 91:1333-1342. abstract
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Ilgu M; Wang T J; Lamm M H; Nilsen-Hamilton M . 2013. Investigating the malleability of RNA aptamers. Methods. 63:178-187. abstract
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Feng S R; Wang L J; Palo P; Liu X P; Mallapragada S K; Nilsen-Hamilton M . 2013. Integrated Self-Assembly of the Mms6 Magnetosome Protein to Form an Iron-Responsive Structure. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 14:14594-14606. abstract
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Song X L; Thalacker F W; Nilsen-Hamilton M . 2012. Synergistic and Multidimensional Regulation of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type 1 Expression by Transforming Growth Factor Type beta and Epidermal Growth Factor. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 287:12520-12528. abstract
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Wang W J; Bu W; Wang L J; Palo P E; Mallapragada S; Nilsen-Hamilton M; Vaknin D . 2012. Interfacial Properties and Iron Binding to Bacterial Proteins That Promote the Growth of Magnetite Nanocrystals: X-ray Reflectivity and Surface Spectroscopy Studies. Langmuir. 28:4274-4282. abstract
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Nath Sangeeta; Spencer Virginia A; Han Ju; Chang Hang; Zhang Kai; Fontenay Gerald V; Anderson Charles; Hyman Joel M; Nilsen-Hamilton M; Chang Young-Tae; Parvin Bahram . 2012. Identification of Fluorescent Compounds with Non-Specific Binding Property via High Throughput Live Cell Microscopy. PLoS ONE. 7:e28802. abstract
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Wang L J; Prozorov T; Palo P E; Liu X P; Vaknin D; Prozorov R; Mallapragada S; Nilsen-Hamilton M . 2012. Self-Assembly and Biphasic Iron-Binding Characteristics of Mms6, A Bacterial Protein That Promotes the Formation of Superparamagnetic Magnetite Nanoparticles of Uniform Size and Shape. Biomacromolecules. 13:98-105. abstract
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Kang K; Sachan A; Nilsen-Hamilton M; Shrotriya P . 2011. Aptamer Functionalized Microcantilever Sensors for Cocaine Detection. Langmuir. 27:14696-14702. abstract
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Wang T J; Hoy J A; Lamm M H; Nilsen-Hamilton M . 2009. Computational and Experimental Analyses Converge to Reveal a Coherent Yet Malleable Aptamer Structure That Controls Chemical Reactivity. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131:14747-14755. abstract
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Kraus G A; Jeon I; Nilsen-Hamilton M; Awad A M; Banerjee J; Parvin B . 2008. Fluorinated Analogs of Malachite Green: Synthesis and Toxicity. Molecules. 13:986-994. abstract
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