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Journal’s Special Issue Honors CBS’ Mark Gordon

[IMAGE]The Journal of Physical ChemistryMark Gordon, a faculty scientist in the Chemical and Biological Sciences division of the Ames Laboratory, has been honored by a virtual special issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry. Entitled Mark S. Gordon Festschrift, the April 13, 2017, issue is in honor of Gordon’s 75th birthday. He is the Frances M. Craig distinguished professor of chemistry at Iowa State University.

The preface was written by Theresa L. Windus, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State; Kim K. Baldridge, University of Zurich; Michael W. Schmidt, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State; and Christine M. Aikens, Kansas State University. The authors, all former students of Gordon’s, wrote that since an overview of Gordon’s career was given in a special issue of the Theoretical Chemistry Accounts in 2008, this article focuses more on the “motivational side of Mark’s science career…” 

The issue states that “Among the many research paths Mark Gordon has explored are the development of fragmentation methods such as the effective fragment potential (EFP) and the effective fragment molecular orbital (EFMO) methods, the study of heterogeneous catalysis, and the study of the fundamentals intermolecular interactions.” Also included are lists of Gordon’s numerous students and coworkers and more than 600 papers.

The authors conclude, “The fantastic response we received to the call for contributions to this issue shows what a remarkable impact Mark has had on the field and on the community. It is our honor to dedicate this special issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry to him.”

Read more in the news release from the Ames Laboratory.

May 10, 2017