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Cyber Fed Model Application in support of DOE Cyber Security Initiatives - Ames Participation

The Cyber Fed Model (CFM) is a communication and coordination framework focused on the reduction and mitigation of cyber security risk across a large distributed organization like the Department of Energy. The CFM framework can be used to help integrate various cyber security systems and capabilities spanning the DOE enterprise, the United States Government and portions of the nation’s critical infrastructure. Primary capabilities include:

  • Providing a near real-time exchange of actionable cyber security alerts and associated situational awareness information across the DOE complex.
  • Improving the defensive posture (perimeter protection) of individual sites to current threats.
  • Supporting the inter-agency exchange of cyber threat information to include critical infrastructure.
  • Supporting Information Sharing Architecture (ISA) data exchange standards for information exchange

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For more information about the Cyber Fed Model, please visit these pages on the Argonne National Laboratory Website:

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