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Ames Laboratory Video Highlights Lead Halide Perovskites Research

[VIDEO]Powerful PerovskitesAmes Laboratory and Iowa State University researchers recently highlighted the benefits and characterization of lead halide perovskites in a video that is part of the supporting information for a recently published paper. “Lead Halide Perovskites: Challenges and Opportunities in Advanced Synthesis and Spectroscopy” appears in the March 3, 2017 edition of ACS Energy Letters. The authors are Michael P. Hanrahan, Brett W. Boote, Aaron J. Rossini, Emily A. Smith, and Javier Vela, all from the Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University’s Dept. of Chemistry, and Bryan A. Rosales of the Dept. of Chemistry.

The three-minute video features Vela, Rossini, and Smith explaining the basics of halide perovskites and how the researchers are using sophisticated techniques to better characterize them and improve them. Vela states that lead halide perovskites have gained a lot of attention because of their low cost, solution process ability, and high photovoltaic power conversion efficiency of over 22 percent. Smith adds, “Halide perovskites are complex materials and require multiple characterization techniques and an integrated approach to understanding their fundamental chemistry.”

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Apr. 14, 2017