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Watching the Nanoparticles Go Round and Round

Until now, watching the detailed spinning motion of nano-objects within living cells has been impossible.  Combining an existing technique, known as Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Microscopy, with nanotechnology, researchers can now see how nanoparticles spin when they move across the interiors of living cells. Nano-sized rods made of gold are non-toxic to living cells and they scatter light differently depending on their orientation.  DIC microscopy captures the orientation of gold nanorods in addition to the optical image of the cell. Gold nanorods (25 x 75 nanometers) were used to show particle movement within living cells.  Researchers were even able to demonstrate the rotational motions of the host structure using gold nanorod probes. This new technique opens up doors to understanding living nanomachines by revealing their complex internal motions

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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Resolving Rotational Motions of Nano-objects in Engineered Environments and Live Cells with Gold Nanorods and Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy

G. Wang, W. Sun, Y. Luo and N. Fang
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Journal of the American Chemical Society
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