Dr. Masha Sosonkina

Scientist, Ames Laboratory and Adjunct Professor, Iowa State University
336 Wilhelm Hall
The Ames Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Phone 515-294-6751
Email mashas@iastate.edu

Research Interests

  • High-performance computing and applications
  • Data-intensive scientific computing
  • Very large-scale multicore architectures
  • Distributed and cloud computing
  • Applied software engineering
  • Adaptive algorithm infrastructure
  • Performance and scalability analysis
  • Parallel numerical algorithms

        Project Affiliations:

        Group Website:

(Chronologically most recent on top)Education

  • Ph.D., Computer Science and Applications, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 1997
  • B.S., M.S., Programming Theory and Applied Mathematics Kiev State University, Ukraine, 1992

(Chronologically most recent on top)Professional Appointments

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Iowa State University, 2007 – Present
  •  Scientist, Scalable Computing Laboratory, Ames Laboratory USDOE, 2003 – Present
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Iowa State University, 2003 – Present
  • Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota Duluth, 1997 – 2005
  • Research Associate, Ames Laboratory, 1999; 2001 – 2003
  • Research Associate, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, 1999; 1997
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota, 1998

(Chronologically most recent on top)Publications with the Ames Laboratory

Sundriyal V; Sosonkina M; Zhang Z . 2013. Achieving energy efficiency during collective communications. Concurrency and Computation-Practice & Experience. 25:2140-2156. abstract
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Sundriyal V; Sosonkina M; Gaenko A; Zhang Z . 2013. Energy saving strategies for parallel applications with point-to-point communication phases. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. 73:1157-1169. abstract
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Sosonkina M; Watson L T; Radcliffe N R; Haftka R T; Trosset M W . 2013. Adjusting process count on demand for petascale global optimization. Parallel Computing. 39:21-35. abstract
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Gaenko A; Windus T L; Sosonkina M; Gordon M S . 2013. Design and Implementation of Scientific Software Components to Enable Multiscale Modeling: The Effective Fragment Potential (QM/EFP) Method. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. 9:222-231. abstract
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Srinivasa A; Sosonkina M; Maris P; Vary J P; Ali H; Shi Y; Khazanchi D; Lees M; VanAlbada G D; Dongarra J; Sloot P M A . 2012. Efficient Shared-Array Accesses in Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Calculations on Multicore Architectures. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2012. 9:256-265. abstract
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Talamudupula S K; Sosonkina M; Gaenko A; Schmidt M W; Ali H; Shi Y; Khazanchi D; Lees M; VanAlbada G D; Dongarra J; Sloot P M A . 2012. Fragment Molecular Orbital Method Adaptations for Heterogeneous Computing Platforms. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2012. 9:489-497. abstract
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Liu F; Sosonkina M; Sato M; Matsuoka S; Sloot P M A; VanAlbada G D; Dongarra J . 2011. A Multilevel Parallelism Support for Multi-Physics Coupling. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science. 4:261-270. abstract
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Sundriyal V; Sosonkina M; Fang Liu; Schmidt M W . 2011. Dynamic Frequency Scaling and Energy Saving in Quantum Chemistry Applications. 25th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, IPDPS 2011. :837-845. abstract
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Vary J P; Honkanen H; Li J; Maris P; Shirokov A M; Brodsky S J; Harindranath A; De Teramond G F; Ng E G; Yang C; Sosonkina M . 2010. Ab-initio Hamiltonian approach to light nuclei and to quantum field theory. Pramana-Journal of Physics. 75:39-49. abstract
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Liu F; Sosonkina M; Bramley R . 2010. A New Approach: Component-Based Multi-physics Coupling through CCA-LISI. Computational Science and Its Applications - Iccsa 2010, Pt 2, Proceedings. 6017:503-518602. abstract
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