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Supplier Information

Ames Laboratory purchases approximately $9 million in goods and services annually. Items and services purchased includes scientific and laboratory equipment and supplies, computer equipment, office equipment and supplies, software, furniture, scientific analysis, construction and equipment repair. Visit the Ames Laboratory's Purchasing Website for further information.

Supplier Toolbox:
Forms and information for current suppliers is located on the Purchasing Website on the Supplier Toolbox page. This page contains terms and conditions sets, intellectual property clauses, sales tax exemption certificates, the contractor travel policy and many other resources. If you cannot find something on the Purchasing website and need further assistance, please contact the Ames Laboratory Purchasing office at (515) 294-1780.

Becoming a Supplier:
Ames Laboratory welcomes doing business with new suppliers. If you would like to be considered as a supplier for the Ames Laboratory, please contact Andrea Spiker, Manager of Purchasing and Small Business Program Manager (SBPM) via e-mail at Please visit the Small Business Program Webpage for further information on becoming a supplier.